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Great cultural trip to Iran with Marie-Edith Fournière

Heir to an ancient civilization four thousand years, Iran has had on the West - from Herodotus to Marco Polo! - Unfailing fascination. Also use roads of the ancient Achaemenid empire to discover one of the richest cultural centers of the Middle East ... and ancient cities scattered in the immensity of the former empire vividly demonstrated this past wealth outstanding: Suze, who rivaled the brightest Mesopotamian cities; Persepolis including palaces - built by Darius the Great, defeated by Alexander the Great - have a carved decoration that exalts the power of the former Shah in Shah (the King of Kings); Isfahan whose mosques and mausoleums were built during the reign of the Safavid ruler Shah Abbas; The caravan city of Yazd whose towers of silence are a heritage of the Zoroastrian tradition ... If the old medieval Persia and Iran were so rich, so brilliant, so powerful ... is that this state was located at the crossroads of major trade routes that once connected the China and India to the Mediterranean world ... So it is not surprising that the history of Iran is closely linked to that of its larger neighbors, a whole history filled with the din of battles , the passionate appeal of men of faith, the delicate whisper of poets and fevered calculations of merchants ...


Day 1 - Departure for Tehran

Appointment early in the morning to Strasbourg airport, Nice or Mulhouse to board a flight to Paris-Orly Airport *, you reach in the morning. Lunch at the airport and direct flight to Tehran. Dinner on board. Arrived late evening, transfer to your hotel and installation. Overnight Tehran.

* We reserve the possibility to organize your transfer to Paris by TGV, in both directions.


Day 2 - Soltanieh was quoted Sultan Muhammad Khodabandeh (420 km)

You will take this morning the road in the province of Zanjan where you will discover the city of Soltanieh, founded around 1290 by Argun Khan, and was once the summer residence of the dynasty of Mongol Ilkhanid. Sultan Muhammad Khodabandeh made it his capital in the early fourteenth century and covered the city with splendid monuments ... which were largely destroyed during the last City bag by Tamerlane in 1384. Some of the most emblematic monuments were however spared and are now on the list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. You will discover the splendid mausoleum of Öljaitü, built between 1302 and 1312 to commemorate the conversion of Sultan Muhammad Khodabandeh to Shiism. The vast dome turquoise faience covered brick which covers the mausoleum rises to almost 50 meters, and is the oldest example of double dome in Iran. You then take the road to Hamadan. Lunch included during tour included dinner and overnight in Hamadan.

Day 3 - The remains of the old Hamadan and splendor of Sasanian art (170 km)

The morning will be dedicated to the discovery of Hamadan, the ancient Ecbatana, founded by the Medes who made it their capital in the seventh century BC. AD essential step on the road linking Mesopotamia to India or China, the city had great importance in antiquity and was the object of bitter struggles between the Medes and Persians, it then undergoes the thirteenth and XIV centuries the onslaught of the Mongols before finally being destroyed by Tamerlane. Rare vestige having escaped destruction, the Mausoleum of Esther and Mordecai, which you will visit, remains a place of pilgrimage for the Jewish community in Iran. You will then go to the mausoleum of Avicenna, scientist, philosopher and poet of the tenth century whose medical treatise was used in Europe until the seventeenth century! You will gain Kangavar mid-day to discover the remains of the impressive colonnade of a Seleucid era temple before reaching Bisotoun where you can admire the famous bas-relief commemorating victories and conquests of Darius the Great. You still will visit the caves Taq e Bostan, Sassanid adorned with bas-reliefs. The hunting scenes are represented with uncommon sensitivity, and contrast with the bas-relief celebrating the victory of Ardeshir II of the Roman emperor Julian the Apostate. You will reach Kermanshah late afternoon. Lunch included during tour included dinner and overnight in Kermanshah.


Trip Summary!

Here you can join us in one of our popular trips that most of tourists enjoy it!
Join us in our spring trip to Iran! 13 days, 6 cities!

Here are some useful details about this itinerary:

When...? Where...?

1,2 th day Shiraz

Eram garden
3,4 th days Yazd

5 th day Meybod and Ardakan

6,7,8 th days Isfahan

9,10 th days Kashan, Desert

11,12 th days Qazvin, Alamout

13 th day Tehran!

and this is the travel rout on map:

travel rout
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